Pentecost Sunday

The Holy Spirit came on the Jewish holiday of Pentecost, fifty days after the Passover. The disciples of Jesus were praying together in an upper room. Jesus had just ascended to heaven. He promised that the believers would receive power and would be His witnesses in all places. When the Holy Spirit finally came, everyone in the room experienced the great manifestation of God through signs and wonders. They all experienced genuine transformation in their life. They received God’s power and spoke in many languages. The empowered church became bold in testifying about Christ as the only way to salvation. Everyday, the Lord “added to them those who were being saved”. (Acts 1-3)

Pentecost reminds us of the following:
1. The church is central in God’s plan for mankind. Jesus died, was buried and rose again to redeem His people, the church.
2. The Holy Spirit empowers the church to grow and to be a witness and channel of blessings to all people, nations and cultures.
3. The Holy Spirit helps us, individual Christians, to become mature, holy and to live fruitfully and victoriously.

Seedbed Church needs the Holy Spirit so we could fulfill our mission. The Holy Spirit who empowered the early church is the same Holy Spirit who is at work among us. As a church, we have already seen so much but the best is yet to come. We trust God to see more people getting saved and becoming part of the church family.
This Sunday, we will remember and celebrate Pentecost. Let’s hope for God’s special blessings as we gather for worship.