The Meaning of Our Emblem

ShamrockThe first time my friends saw this website the leaf symbol could not escape their attention. They asked me, “Are you Irish?” Obviously, I’m not. I’m Asian – Filipino to be exact. Why did we choose the three-heart-shaped shamrock leaf as our church logo? A little background first before I go to my main explanation. In our place, we have a patio between our house and the garage. I use a portion of the patio for my gardening hobby. I often see in some of the pots shamrock which invade my other plants.  They have interesting heart-shape leaves. True, they are weeds but aren’t they beautiful? So one day I picked a bunch of leaves and put in my hands and did my ‘scientific observation’. They are tiny, The color was vivid green. The feel was soft and the plant could survive for days even without watering. I was really fascinated. So I thought we could use it as our church symbol.

I  learned that St. Patrick used the three-heart shape of shamrock to teach the doctrine of Trinity in the 5th century. That’s why shamrock became the national symbol of Ireland. This is why people wear green when it’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Now let me go back to the question. What is the meaning of our emblem?

The green color symbolizes our life which is a gift from God. We exist because God has made us part of His eternal plan and purpose. new logo seedbed church

The threefold leaf symbolizes the Trinity – the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, who is one God in three persons. It also stands for faith, hope and love. Faith is what makes us pleasing to God, without which we cannot see Him. Through faith we are saved by grace. Hope is our guarantee of a blessed future based on the complete work of redemption by Jesus Christ and the certainty of God’s promises. God’s love, shown by His grace and mercy, saved us from sin, justified us and restored us to eternal life. Love is what God expects from us to be our motivation for obedience and service. To love God with our whole being, as well as others as we love ourselves is the essence of God’s Law.