What to expect at our church

What to expect at our church


  • Expect to see imperfect people in our gathering (that’s all of us!).

  • Expect to hear God’s Word and be blessed. Not a production or entertainment or a “show-off” but a celebration of God’s majesty.

  • We have exultant worship, music and sharing and message for about one and a half hours that celebrate God’s character . 

  • Engaging messages taken from biblical principles.

  • Small church with a big heart. We are a new church. 

  • The church is a multi-ethnic mix

  • We call each other by name. We’d like to know yours. We have name tags available for everybody.

  • We use the Bible a lot. You may bring yours or, if you have a smartphone, you may download electronic bible at http://bible.com

  • No dress code but nothing beats modesty.

  • Children have their activities in a separate room under the supervision of qualified adults.

  • Our meeting place is equipped with nursery (for babies) and diaper changing room.

  • It’s not unusual if you are approached by the pastor to say ‘hello’.

  • We’d love to see our guests come again.Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are certainly welcome. Feel free to tell us how you would like us to keep in touch with you.

Thank you for considering to visit us. Welcome to Seedbed Church. We look forward to seeing you.